warranty terms of service


This policy is written in plain English for your benefit.

By doing business with us you agree to our policy. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No refunds. No returns. Exchange is available unless invoice marked otherwise. You agree to not perform credit card chargebacks. We will resolve the issue within reason. Should you perform a credit card chargeback with your credit card company, you agree to be liable for the full amount of the chargeback, our time at $85 per hour dealing with this matter, any and all court and attorney costs required to collect this debt.

Valid reasons for a credit card refund: we failed to perform the installation, we refused service. We will reverse the charges from our end and provide proof for such transaction.

Invalid reasons for a credit card refund: you cannot afford it, you changed your mind after the installation, you changed your mind after the special parts have been ordered, you found the parts for less, the items did not perform to your expectations.

Valid reasons for exchange: the items did not perform to your expectations, within 7 days of install you realized you wanted a different product of equal or greater price (shipping costs, price difference, labor costs and sales tax apply).

Credit Card Chargebacks: Should we not respond to your calls and emails within 24 hours on this matter, of course you have the right to perform a chargeback without penalty.

Commentary: Most people are honest and respectful and for these people we will go out of our way to make you happy with the purchase. In rare instances a difficult person appears. For such a person we have this policy. Should we fail you, everything will be made right efficiently at our expense.


Labor General Warranty
3 Years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first, from date of installation. We cover our work, the parts included by us and damage directly caused by our labor or parts. Exceptions to this warranty must be noted on the invoice.

Used Product Installation Warranty
We do not sell used products. Should the customer supply their own used products we may install them as requested under the following terms: 1) cash payment upon arrival, 2) no refunds should the product not work, 3) no warranty applies to the installation ever, 4) removal of the faulty product is an additional charge, and 5) requested diagnostics are also an additional charge.

Products Purchased From Us
All our products sold are warrantied by the manufacture. Should a product fail within the warranty provided by the manufacture, we will swap the defective part with a new part during the same installation. We will worry about the defective part on our time at our expense.

our guarantee Manufacture Warranties Apply

Prices subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to refuse or sale to anyone at any time without explanation

Warranty 5 Days Exchange Installation Warranty 5 Days Price Match